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Wow that was a ralely cool game. I liked that all the choices mattered. It was just like Episode: Choose Your Story.

awww thank youuuuuu! i just looked up episode: choose your story and apparently none of the choices actually matter that much, but with a name like episode: choose your story that must be a lie! anyhow, really thanks for your comment!

Hello! I loved your game, the sound effects are certainly unique and very original, as well as the development of the script.

the metaphysical feeling in the game is very intense and I like that. Please keep making more games. Here you have a new fan, the game has very memorable characters!!


aw man thank you! i'm definitely not planning to stop making games any time soon, so you don't have to worry about that! i'm really glad you enjoyed my game and all it has to offer, and that you liked it enough that you consider yourself a fan of my games! i'm really not sure how i'm supposed to end a reply,  okay bye have a great day

Have you stopped making games?!?! D:


nope! don't worry, i've been working on one, but i'm really not the fastest developer and the thing i'm working on is a lot bigger than the games i've made before! that's why i haven't really released anything lately :)


Thank god, I'm glad to hear that!!

Are you okey?!

i'm still working on my new stuff. it's gone through a bit of a "development  hell", as the better developers than me say. basically what's happened is i worked for a while on my new stuff, but i didn't like it, and i only really want to make stuff i like and am proud of. so i essentially just started over, and now i'm making something i can be a lot more proud of. couple that with school slowing the project down a lot, and you have the main reason i haven;t finished or released it yet. but don't worry, it'll take a while but it will happen. i will release it and honestly, i think it's gonna be great.